Operations & Maintenance

Services Delivered Your Way

We focus on delivering the critical services clients need, wherever they are needed; from areas of conflict to remote construction, exploration sites and stability operations programs.

AHS operates and manages installations for clients, with expertise to handle the complex challenges of large compounds to the needs of small and remote support locations.

We understand the urgency of site start-ups, hence we offer rapid mobilization with experienced professionals on ground within a matter of days for critical operations. In doing so, we maintain the same high standards, levels of quality and safety as we would for a project with more lenient schedules.

Our services extend past the few to offer clients a single service provider. We manage, maintain and repair power generation units, vehicle fleets and utilities. We manage complex logistical and supply-chain operations and operate life support services ranging from custodial, laundry, catering, and waste management.

We understand each client is unique and define our services by our clients specific needs, ensuring a customized approach to achieve mission success.

  • Catering Services
  • Vehicle & Equipment Rental
  • Ice Services
  • Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance
  • LN and FN Labor Services
  • Power Generation Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Utilities Operations & Maintenance
  • Janitorial & Grounds Maintenance
  • Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC
  • Pest Control & Eradication
  • Waste Water Management
  • Trash, Recycling & Scrap Services
  • Portable Toilet Services
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