Our salaries reflect both the market conditions and the level of skills and experience brought to us by the individual. Employee contributions are recognized and duly rewarded, in addition benefits are aligned with local market practices and often include healthcare, housing, transportation benefits and other incentive programs.

We provide annual leave that is aligned with market levels. Additionally, we offer maternity/paternity leave allowances. We observe holidays as well as national days recognized in the local markets of which we operate.

Employees are encouraged to be involved in the community where they are based or support AHS in our corporate volunteer initiatives, which comes in the form of volunteering in community schools or environmental activities as well as mentoring trainees from the local community to provide valuable workforce experience.

To show our commitment, we regularly conduct surveys amongst our employees to find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed or improved. This can take the form of online surveys, discussion forums or interactive webcasts; allowing employees a chance to make suggestions on improving the work environment, add input into policies or to address areas of concern.

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