AHS Group International is proud to be an Authorized Distributor for HESCO. Below is a brief history about HESCO.

HESCO Bastion Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems. Established in 1991, HESCO has been developing and manufacturing the innovative ConcertainerĀ® units for the purposes of military protection, critical asset protection and flood protection.

Within the military, Concertainer units have become the most popular means of protecting personnel and facilities against secondary fragmentation, saving countless lives and mission critical assets. Acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortifications since the Second World War, HESCO Concertainer units have become a key component and benchmark in force protection throughout the world and have been used by military organizations including the US Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF, NATO and the UN in every major conflict since the first Gulf war.

The HESCO Concertainer technology has been applied to a range of security and flood products that provide solutions for critical asset protection. HESCO products provide a reliable, easy to deploy and robust solution for the protection of sensitive installations at risk from both rapidly rising flood waters and hostile attack such as embassies, consulates, government buildings and critical infrastructure facilities.

Jimi Heselden OBE, founder of HESCO Bastion and inventor of the Concertainer unit, originally designed the system to be used to combat coastal erosion. The versatility and simplicity of his innovative design quickly saw the technology utilized in a variety of applications. From a simple yet innovative idea, HESCO Bastion is today a global provider of rapidly deployable protective barriers.

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