Health, Safety & Environmental

Partnering For Safety

Safety Day By Day & Project by Project

imply stated our priority every day and on every project is to ensure that our employees return home safely, because our employees are viewed as our most valuable asset. We emphasize safety, because it's the right thing to do. All of this means that at AHS, we've made the goal for a zero-injury work environment not just a priority, but instead a core belief in our company.

AHS's safety policy is built upon the understanding that everyone needs to contribute for a safety program to work. We have adopted the team approach within our organization and are moving away from traditional enforcement methods and embracing a shared vision with our employee's to address critical safety and health issues. This approach is to be an effective tool for eliminating injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

We accomplish this through :

  • AHS Policies & Procedures
  • Training and Employee Involvement
  • Project Specific Plans
  • Communication & Reporting Defined Deliverables
  • Client & Company Inspections
  • Feedback Mechanisms
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