Promoting environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees is on the forefront of importance. In doing our part to preserve the environment and reduce our companies impact we implemented initiatives throughout the company, spanning from our construction and service offerings to our office locations.

As our way of protecting the environment we have implemented these company initiatives for construction projects.

  • Designing projects that incorporate energy efficient and low impact materials.
  • Using proactive planning practices to eliminate materials wasted in construction projects.
  • Waste recycling program implementation.

To further our commitment to the environment, we have initiatives for the services we provide.

  • Equipment cleaning services for clients of fuel purchase to improve equipment efficiency and life.
  • We provide recycling services free of charge to customers where we provide custodial or trash services, resulting in less waste.
  • Proper disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste as per government regulations and industry standards.
  • Improved efficiency of company vehicle fleet.

Other environmental initiatives practiced in our office locations include:

  • Recycling programs at all offices locations.
  • Reduced energy waste through smart light technology.
  • Purchase of recycled products.
  • Promote use of public transit and carpooling to reduce commuting impact.
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